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Your donation will help support the beloved pets of individuals experiencing homelessness

Your donation to Comfy Carepacks is used to purchase much needed supplies for pets of extremely low-income individuals and those experiencing homelessness.


Supplies can include quality pet food, pet treats, waste bag, flea and tick treatment, water bowls, collars, leashes and other items that can be used to help make life on the streets, with pets, a little easier.


All packs are giving FREE of charge to those who require assistance with help in taking care of their furry companion.

Tupak and Anashie with puppy Mia - LA St
​Your generous gift will make a big difference in the life of a furry companion!

Thank you for your support!!

We understand not everyone is able to to donate money. We have an Amazon and Chewy Wish List that you can purchase items from that will be sent directly to Comfy Carepacks. 

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