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Should your dog eat table food?

Dumping all the leftover food from your plate and feeding it to your dog is not the healthiest way to feed table scraps. While people may have done this in the past, dogs today need to eat a properly balanced diet and adding large amounts of table scraps will upset that balance and can lead to problems. If your dog is used to a kibble diet, he may get an upset stomach if you suddenly introduce a number of new foods. Start with foods that are similar to what is in his kibble (i.e., chicken or plain pasta noodles) and branch out from there.

Feed small amounts and know exactly what you are giving your dog: is it meat, fat, carbohydrates, fiber? Knowing the specifics will help you balance extras from meal to meal and understand what is happening if Max experiences tummy troubles. The safest way is to introduce one new food every couple of days. Following this practice will also help you keep track of any food item that causes stomach upset.

Feeding your dog directly from the table can result in bad manners and begging. If you wish to avoid this, share people food like you would any other treat: away from the table and not at meal times. You may want to persuade your dog to do his favorite trick before you give him a treat If your dog tends to be a finicky eater, make sure he has eaten his regular food before you share any people food.

While viewing Max as a walking garbage disposer will definitely lead to problems, sharing a few bites of healthy foods with him can be a safe and nutritious way to supplement his regular balanced diet and build that extra special bond between you.

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