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  • Jessica

Adopting a Pet During COVID-19—Is It a Good Idea?

The COVID-19 pandemic is truly testing everyone’s coping mechanisms. While some people are finding it difficult to spend so much time at home, others are exploring new and inventive ways to stay busy. And then there are those who seem to have found the holy grail of pandemic survival—that is, welcoming new pets into their homes. No doubt, these folks are likely enjoying their extra time at home more than most, with their furry companions offering love and affection.

The fact remains that adopting a pet is a huge responsibility. Moreover, it’s also a commitment that you should, in good conscience, be able to stick to even after the pandemic. It goes without saying that this is definitely not a decision that can be made impulsively. Rather, it’s only prudent to do your research first and really get to know the ins and outs of pet ownership to see if it’s something you can handle during the pandemic and beyond. Here are some resources that can help, presented to you by Comfy Carepack.

In a nutshell, pet ownership will demand a great deal of care and research, as well as put a dent in your budget, too. However, the unconditional love you receive in return is arguably worth the investment. So if you’re ready for this most beautiful of commitments, go for it!


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