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Camping with Your Dog is Worth the Effort

Photo Credit: Rodnae Production via Pexels

Dogs make everything better, whether you’re at home or camping. Just imagine it: hiking, fishing, boating, backpacking, and swimming… all with your four-legged best friend. He wants to explore the sights and smells of the wilderness just like you do, and he’ll be up for an adventure any time of day. However, if you aren’t prepared, you may end up returning home, tails tucked. No one wants to end their vacation on a sour note, which is why you should use this list presented by Comfy Carepacks to make sure you and your pup are prepared for your next great adventure.

Health Check

Before you and your furry bestie set out on your camping journey, it’s important that you and your pup are ready health-wise. It’s important that your dog is in good health before embarking on an epic camping trip, and there are canine health related things that you need to know in order to care for your dog while in the wilderness.

● It’s a good idea to have your dog checked out by a vet before your trip. Once you know they are healthy enough for the trails, use this list to make sure that you’re both ready for your nature excursion.

● Dogs can get cuts and scrapes just like humans can. Make sure you know how to handle their minor injuries before you commit to a weekend in the wilderness.

● Dogs are curious animals, and their curiosity can get them into dangerous situations. Review some common injuries dogs encounter on trails and in campsites so you’re prepared to help if your dog needs you.

● A microchip is a great way to prepare your dog for camping. Collars can get lost and tags can fall off in the woods, but your pet can never lose their microchip.

● Consider getting pet insurance for your fur family, if you don’t already have it. That way, if an injury occurs, you won’t have to think twice about getting your pup the care they need.

A Well-Equipped Pooch

Dogs have some essential survival skills ingrained deeply within their DNA, but that doesn’t mean that your pup doesn’t need some tools for your adventure. You pack your gear, and now you’ll need to pack some gear essentials for your dog.

● Don’t assume that your dog is self-sufficient in the wilderness. Domestication has changed the way dogs engage with the world around them, so learn what camping essentials your canine will need to safely enjoy your adventures.

● First aid kits are essential for any adventure, but don’t forget to pack a separate kit for Fido. A Band Aid might work for your scratch, but your dog may need some different supplies.

● If you’ve never used a harness with your dog, you might want to look into one for camping. They can help you assist your dog in tough spots and allow you to restrict their access when needed.

When you’re both exhausted at the end of the day, you’ll be glad to have your four-legged bestie to cuddle with, especially when the chill of night sets in. You can rest by the campfire and toast marshmallows and hot dogs together, and watch the sun set. Don’t forget to bring along a few treats for Fido to enjoy fireside, and he certainly wouldn’t turn down a toy to chew on as he basks in the warm glow of the fire. The memories you make together will last a lifetime. With the proper planning and preparation, you can both enjoy everything the wilderness has to offer and more. So start planning that trip!

The pet lovers at Comfy Carepacks understand how much owners love their furry family members. Whether you are stuck on a trail or hit a rough patch in life, we want your pet to always have what they need. Visit our website to learn more about the carepacks and how you can support pet owners in need.

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