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Happy National Pet Month

May is National Pet Month! This is the perfect time to celebrate all of the joy that our pets bring to our lives. In honor of this fun month-long holiday, here are some suggested ways you and your pet can celebrate National Pet Month together.

Explore your neighborhood

Look for a dog-friendly park or restaurant near you that you haven’t visited before — then go enjoy. Your cat might also like going to the pet store to see the fish and the birds, or to pick out some new treats.


Make some new toys, treats, or beds for your animals. You can find many various easy-to-follow DIY tutorials online. You could also donate your creations to a local animal shelter or rescue. Call first and make sure they need it.

Walking is Always Good

Walks aren’t just for dogs — you can take cats too (or at least, you can try). We've seen people who have train their cat to walk in a harness and leash. This is also a way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Remember to protect your pet's paws when walking on the pavement, especially during the summer months.

Feed the Birds

Your cat will appreciate it if you hang some bird feeders right outside the window so she can watch the goings-on. You can DIY bird feeders. Make sure to create a comfortable place near the window for your cat so she can have the best vantage point possible.

Photoshoot Time

Take some photos of your pet. Having pets sit for photos can be difficult, so instead follow them around with your camera or phone and snap pictures of them doing their thing — then print the photos and put them in decorated picture frames. As a bonus, you could create a social media account for your pet.

Watch TV and Cuddle

Get cozy on the couch and watch some pet-themed movies and shows. Your dog will probably fall asleep within a few minutes, but your cat may enjoy watching TV.


Yoga studios are beginning to offer “doga” classes, where you can do yoga with your dog. You could also try yoga at home with your cat, if you are up to it.

Seek & Find

This is an especially fun game for cats, who will love stalking you as if you’re their prey (maybe not quite as much fun for you). Dog enjoy hide and seek too, especially when you reward them with a treat when they find your hiding place.

Play in the Water

Cats might not want to join this wet activity, but your dog might love playing in the hose. Try squirting water from the hose, running under water-rainbows, and playing water tag, all which will have endless appeal for your dog.

Tease the Brain

Brain games are a great way to have some extra fun with your dog each day. Mentally stimulating activities like brain games enrich our dogs lives by giving them something meaningful to do. And because these activities alleviate boredom they can decrease the likelihood of our dogs developing behavioral issues such as excessive chewing or barking.

Regardless of how you celebrate National Pet Month with your pet, your furry friend will just be happy you are spending some extra time loving and pampering them throughout the month!

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