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Meet Itty Bitty

This is Itty Bitty and her life began on Skid Row. She's actually the 2nd Itty Bitty or Itty- the 1st was a little panther stolen from her (human) father's tent. This Itty was also taken, but her father found her and temporarily went into hiding after a "beat down" that resulted in their home being burned; making it hard for us at Comfy Carepacks to provide food and supplies.

After resurfacing she became pregnant and Luxe Paws joined us to offer help with spaying, medicine and vaccinations. We were concerned with enabling Itty and her offspring to potentially experience harm. Itty's father said he'd get her to a vet himself and swore kittens weren't being sold, but we'd heard conflicting info. We continued working with him hoping he'd do the right thing, to prevent suffering from lack of food and monitor the situation.

With Itty's 4th litter this fall, birthing 26 babies in her 1.5 years, her father saw the impact on his little girl and finally promised to let us take her in for spaying. Tragically, in November, he was murdered in his tent. Itty roamed Skid Row, probably looking for “dad,” and was eventually convinced to walk into a carrier with the help of her father's concerned friends.

Our small team does their best to aid people experiencing homelessness care for animal family members. We support of our Luxe Paws comrades, even as there are those (from the comfort of couches) criticizing their work, in a battle that belongs to us all. In our communities animals are suffering and abused, by the housed and unhoused, due to desperate situations, substance abuse, mental health crises, etc. We encourage you not to assume or stereotype, as each situation is unique.

In working with Itty's father (may he RIP), we were fortunate to know her origin story to share with you... but there are many others who can’t tell you what they've been through. They need your help - advocating, volunteering, donating & sheltering. PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN!


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17 may 2022

I hope Itty Bitty is doing well!

Me gusta
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