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When to Call the Vet for Kitty

If you're a pet parent, you know how frightening and stressful it is when your pet is not feeling well. On Monday, my kitty started throwing up and she looked distressed. While she is known for eating her food to fast, this time was alarming because she wasn't throwing anything up. In addition to her throwing up, she looked lethargic and not herself. This prompted us to call out veterinarian because cats are good at hiding their pain and discomfort.

When I dropped her off at the vet (as COVID does not allow me to be with here), I spent hours worrying that I she could be sick. Luckily, when the vet called, he let me know that she was spunky (albeit angry) and was administered anti-nausea medication. Sh

e had a series of tests done and, hopefully, they will come back clearing her of anything serious. While this does not provide any additional relief for me, she was back to her normal self this morning, which was relief.

What this taught me, as a cat owner, is how important it is to observe your feline's behavior, Any slight change in behavior could mean something it up so don't hesitate to take them in even if you are not sure. Here are some great articles worth checking out if you want more information about feline behavior and when they don't feel well:

VCA Hospital

Medline Plus: Pet Health

International Cat Care

Every Cat Health Foundation

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