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  • Devon A.

There's Still Time!!

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month! What many may also do not know is that shelters in Los Angeles county are full of senior pets. There is still time to give a senior pet a forever home. During the holidays, many families look to adopt shelter pets that range from a few months old to a couple of years old. Many senior pets are often passed up simply because of their age. It's heartbreaking to see senior pets in shelters because the reality for them is that for so long they lived in a warm home with a loving family, but then one day their lives drastically changed … sometimes not always for the best. The unfamiliar sounds, sight, smells and people of a shelter can be stressful on their minds and bodies. They do not understand the changes, and they sit in a kennel waiting and hoping that their families come back for them. For most, their families never come back. Believe it or not, animals can suffer from depression just like humans can. When these animals go through this depression they stop eating and drinking; they stop grooming themselves, and many literally let themselves wither away. These poor animals literally die from a broken heart. A senior pet should never have to spend its last days in a shelter. If you and your family can open your hearts and your homes to a homeless pet in need this holiday season, please make a senior pet your first choice. After all, senior pets make the best pets because they have the most experience in unconditional love.

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