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Call for Help

Dear Comfy Carepacks supporters:

These past few months have been incredibly difficult. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many have lost their jobs, lost loved ones, and fear of the uncertainty has left us feeling uncertainty and scared. Last week, on May 25, 2020, the senseless murder of George Floyd, an African-American resident of Minneapolis Minnesota, sparked unrest and anger all over the nation, and citizens, from all over the country, took to the streets to protest the death of this man including the City of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, these protests have erupted into violence that has put our weekly outreach temporarily on hold due to safety concerns for our board and volunteers. However, we are deeply concerned for our clients who live in the Downtown Los Angeles area.

Since we don't have any information about their current whereabouts, we are asking our supporters for help in locating individuals in need. If you happen to live, or work, in the Downtown Los Angeles area, can you please notify us (when safe to venture out) if you see any encampments, or individuals, with pets in need of supplies? Also, if individuals have access to a cellphone, please relay our contact information to them and we will go out to them to give them supplies. Here is our contact information:

Comfy Carepacks

(818) 732-9428

As an organization run by a diverse group of women and men, our hearts break for our nation's African-American community. Our goal at Comfy Carepacks is to provide ALL pet owners in need regardless of their ethnicity, origin, identity, and religion. We hope the violence will end so we can continue to support our most vulnerable, especially the pets who provide nothing but unconditional love.

Thank you for taking the time to read our plea and please share this with your networks as we continue to travel this path of uncertainty. As always, and if you are able, we are in need of donations and volunteers so please let us know if you are able to assist at this time. If not, please continue to spread our message of love and support. Stay safe and we will get through together.

~Deb & Tara

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