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Do Dogs Even Like Watching Television?

DogTV seeks to do what most other television channels seek to do: Entertain and combat boredom – particularly while your dog is home alone. And, while some dogs appear to be more interested in the channel than others, it does seem to accomplish this goal.

Many dogs seem to like watching TV anyway, and this channel seems to be especially interesting to them. The internet is littered with positive user reviews and videos of dogs watching DogTV intently.

But, DogTV also seeks loftier accomplishments. Entertaining dogs and keeping them occupied while you aren’t home certainly has value, but several of the programming categories included with the channel are designed to accomplish other goals.

There are, for example, programs designed to calm your dog and encourage sleep, while others seek to desensitize your dog to often-upsetting stimuli.

Want to give it a try? Click here to get a 7 day free trial and 25% off a regular subscription. Feel free to let us know how your dog reacted to the shows. We'll share your review with our supporters. Comfy Carepacks will receive $15 when you sign up.

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