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Purrfect Love During a Pandemic!

As we experience this pandemic and its effects, we are spending more time at home. We are spending more time with our loved ones. I’m sure all the doggies out there are very happy to see us more. I’m sure the kitties are annoyed of us intruding on their turf. Birds, turtles and gerbils, I’m pretty sure, are indifferent.

I find myself mirroring my cat’s behavior, waking up, eating, stretching after eating too much and then napping to sleep off the food. I also find myself viewing video after video of pets filmed by their humans. These bring me so much joy. I love seeing all the babies and how much they make us happy.

I’ve been thinking about how we talk to them, hold them, argue with them, and how it’s sometimes easier to show love to them then our fellow humans. They don’t hold grudges (generally), they don’t judge (again generally). They are there to listen and love us. They are there to console us and ease our minds.

As we are socially distancing ourselves we are physically bringing ourselves closer to them. I know I’ve had my cat closer to me than I have had in a long ti

me. As I mirror his behavior, I am taking things slower. I’m enjoying the small things that I was too busy for before. I’m grateful and privileged to be able to work from home and spend time with him. He seems to be cool with me so far (he’s only bitten me a few times in these 3 or so weeks).

I’m taking this time at home to do things I’m sure we are all doing; deep cleaning EVERYTHING, taxes, email clean up, finally organizing the pantry. I’m also making sure the babies are happy. Making sure that I’m thanking them for the love, joy, and understanding that they show me.

Thank your babies, make sure they know that they’re loved. Massage them and play with them. They’ll love you for it and it will help you too.

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